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Vikram Vedha
( 2022 )

Vikram an encounter specialist raids a place killing all the gangsters who work for a dreaded gangster Vedha but fails to get any information on his hide out.Vedha has spread his fear over the region by killing around 16 people and is currently underground due to fear of being arrested.Vikram finds about his hideout and before he could leave with his team surprisingly Vedha comes and surrenders himself at police headquarters.During interrogation Vedha is mum but opens up only when Vikram interrogates him where he revels him about his past on how from small goon he turned a gangster.But within next few minutes Vedha is given bail by his lawyer Priya whose wife of Vikram.Vikram realizes that Vedha has some plan of getting himself arrested and then bailing himself out within no time leaving him with an unsolved mystery.—

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